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Thursday, May 2, 2019

LRD Police Constable Final Result Selection List Cut Of Merit Offcial News

LRD Police Constable Final Result Selection List Cut Of Merit Offcial News

Perhaps I superimposed a higher-level expectation on her simply because on my own
scale I was at a lower level. I was unable or unwilling to give patience or understanding,
so I expected her to give things. In an attempt to compensate for my deficiency, I
borrowed strength from my position and authority and forced her to do what I wanted
her to do. But borrowing strength builds weakness. It builds weakness in the borrower
because it reinforces dependence on external factors to get things done. It builds
weakness in the person forced to

acquiesce, stunting the development of independent reasoning, growth, and internal
discipline. And finally, it builds weakness in the relationship. Fear replaces cooperation,
and both people involved become more arbitrary and defensive.

And what happens when the source of borrowed strength — be it superior size or
physical strength, position, authority, credentials, status symbols, appearance, or past
achievements — changes or is no longer there?

Had I been more mature, I could have relied on my own intrinsic strength — my
understanding of sharing and of growth and my capacity to love and nurture — and
allowed my daughter to make a free choice as to whether she wanted to share or not to
share. Perhaps after attempting to reason with her, I could have turned the attention of
the children to an interesting game, taking all that emotional pressure off my child. I’ve
learned that once children gain a sense of real possession, they share very naturally,
freely, and spontaneously.

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