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Sunday, November 12, 2017

​Why should the staff including all teachers of the school have an affidavit?

​Why should the staff including all teachers of the school have an affidavit?
Ahmedabad: Following the assassination of Student Pradhuman in Ryan School of Gurgaon in Delhi, a Guideline was announced as part of security and security in every state of the state. This guide covers many topics including records of all staff including school teachers. According to the order of the state education board, all the school employees of the state themselves are not the culprits of the crime and if the police is done then the details of the details of the details will be presented in the next week.
Director of Primary Education, NI Joshi, said that there is no need to present the NOC of the Police Department. The employee who gives this undertaking will personally be responsible for the information he gives. Education Karmi has to issue an affidavit with the written statement that if he has not received any details of the case or not, if he has not received a police case in the letter of undertaking.

The Gujarat Education Board has urged all the schools of the state to maintain the safety and security of students in five ways, including physical safety, emotional security, emergency and social security for cyber security. If the school does not guarantee or reluctant to guarantee child safety or safety law according to this guide, then the school's affiliation will be canceled.
Every school has to get an affidavit from their old employee and a newly appointed employee (Posco protetion of chilldren from social affene) or any other serious offense.
The department will have to submit.
The presence of women employees in the pre-primary, primary section of the washroom, toilet and water room is compulsory in every school. The school will be responsible for the students coming in the school bus. The school will have to maintain the responsibility till the child reaches the bus and home.
In the next ten days, all the school principals will have to send details of the security cover given by the department.

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