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Friday, June 9, 2017

TET-2 Model Question Paper - 3(Part-A)

TET-2 Model Question Paper-3(Part-A)

TET is Important Exam For Become Teacher in Std 1 to 8. There are two Types Of TET Exam Held in Gujarat By Rajy Pariksha Board. 1) TET-1 for Std 1 to 5 And 2) TET-2 for Std. 6 to 8. If you want to pass this kind of exams you have to work hard to study various Issues in Education Department and You have to Clear All Subject Described in Syllabus Like, Educational Psychology, Gujarati Language and Grammar, English Language and Grammar, General Knowledge, Latest Current Affairs Reasoning and other Described Subject.

            We have going to give Daily  Model Question Paper For Tet1 And Tet2 Based on Syllabus. That will help you a lot for upcoming TET exams held in Gujarat. is known for it’s model papers that helps many students. We hope that this TET Model Papers Help you much and you can clear the exam with high marks.

            We make Model Question Paper Based on Given below Syllabus. And Cover up all Subjects and issues in this Model Paper

Tet-2 Detailed Syllabus, 2017

Part- A  [75 Marks]

  •       Educational psychology (25 marks)

·         Child Development

·         Pedagogy

·         Teacher Ability

·         Teacher Aptitude

·         Child psychology

·         Educational methods, practices

·         Behavior changes

  •      Gujarati And English Language (25 marks)

·         Gujarati Language

·         Gujarati Grammar

·         Gujarati literature

·         English Language

·         English Grammer

  •     General knowledge And Current Affairs (25 Marks)

·         General Knowledge Based on Gujarat, India and World

·         Current Affairs (Gujarat, India and World)

·         Reasoning Ability

Part- B   [75 Marks ]

(For Language Teacher)

  Gujarati Language And Grammar (20 Marks)

  English (20 Marks)

  Hindi (20 Marks)

  Sanskrit (15 Marks)

(For Social Study)

  Social Science (75 Marks)

·         Social Science Content From Std 6 to 8(you have to study std. 6 to 10 Sociology Text book For Batter Preparation)

·         Sociology Method

(For Maths and Science )

  Maths and Science (75 Markd)

·         Maths and Science Based on Std 6 To 8 (you have to Clear Std. 6 to 10 For Batter Preparation)

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View Detailed Syllabus Here

Download Tet-2 Model Question Paper From Below Link And Study Well. Best of Luck of your Upcoming exam.

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